Innovation as a Service

With over a decade of experience in technology, VanwaTech provides enterprise consulting and development services for some of the largest technology companies in the world - including many of our own.

What We Do

We allow companies to leverage our broad-based knowledge of technology and development processes to optimize product design, development, and implementation strategy with the goal of maximizing impact while reducing the cost of investment.

Our elite team of experts have not only vast knowledge, but an unmatched ability to learn and adapt to new situations or developments.

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Content Delivery Networks

VanwaTech's Founder and CEO, Nick Lim was the founder of BitMitigate. A global content delivery network which we still provide consulting and development for.

Data Encryption

We have extensive experience with data encryption ranging from end-to-end encrypted messaging, quantum resistant encryption, OTR messaging, and more!

Server Infrastructure

Our extensive experience of provisiong global networks and infrastructure for countless operations has prepared us for any system configuration.